Get Buzzed: Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I have a really complicated relationship with Facebook. I feel like I’m at a party, but I stand near the wall and don’t associate with anyone - which is so far from my real life persona.

I can’t quit it because of work and in reality I do enjoy seeing updates from friends and family from afar. While thinking of things to make for a St. Patrick’s Day party this week, I was served a post from Martha Stewart for Irish Coffee Cupcakes. I totally clicked on the link and thought - I can do this. So I want to formally thank Facebook for giving me another reason to stay on the platform. And with further ado, here is a link to that recipe.


These were rather easy to make. Espresso powder was interesting to find, but I located it at Target for .99 cents. Most of the other ingredients I already had in my baking arsenal. I love it when you don’t need to buy a slew of ingredients that you’ll never use again for a recipe!

The icing wasn’t “peaking” like the recipe suggested, so I added a little more confectioners sugar. Icing cupcakes is always a problem area for me, but this topping goes on very smooth! Oh and I added some green sprinkles vs. the suggested espresso dusting for some festive flair.

If you attempt these, you won’t need too much Irish luck.