For A Very Married Christmas

Sunday, September 09, 2018

You guys. I mentioned earlier this year that I have documents full of blog post ideas. This post has been TWO YEARS in the making. I started it in 2016, wrote a little more in 2017 and now, I’m going to finish it!

Any time I visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina a trip to The Christmas Mouse is always on my to do list! I love stocking up on new ornaments and buying a few gifts in advance of the holiday season.

During my visit in 2016, I was shopping in the same area as two women with a piece of paper. After some total eavesdropping I discovered that the women were buying ornaments with different meanings for a shower or wedding gift. I would hear them say “we need an owl” or “we need a pinecone” - very specific and somewhat random ornaments!

I immediately searched the internet for what could have been on their paper and I found that it’s a German tradition to give a newlywed couple 12 ornaments to insure “blessing and happiness” for their life together and bring good fortune.

I LOVE this idea! It’s a useful way to go rogue on a couple’s registry.

We just got back from another wonderful vacation to the Outer Banks and for the second straight year we made a stop at The Christmas Shop on the way to Manteo. In a little wedding area of the store, I spotted the Christmas Ornament gift in a pretty white box.

You can buy the ornaments together for a couple OR do it yourself by hand picking the items.

The images above are from the box of ornaments available at The Christmas Shop. They don’t have a shopable website, but you can find a six-ornament box on Amazon or the wedding set of 12.

If you are going the DIY route, I searched the internets for some suggested ornaments suggestions with their special meaning. I’ve read that most traditional sets have 12 ornaments, but you’ll see more listed below. The traditional list of 12 tends to change among websites.

Flower Basket - Good Wishes & Beauty
Teapot - Hospitality

Animal - Peace With Nature
Angel - God's Guidance
Bell - Merriment & Joy
Bird - Happiness & Joy
Boat - Smooth Sailing In Marriage
Carrot - Good Fortune in the Kitchen
Church - God In Your Life
Fish - Christ's Blessing
Fruit Basket - Generosity
Grapes - Friendship (& Wine!)
Heart - True Love
House - Shelter, Protection & Security
Pine Cone - Motherhood, Fruitfulness & Eternity
Rabbit - Hope, Faith & Love of Family
Rose - Beauty & Affection
Santa - Unselfishness and Goodwill
Star - Guidance

I’d recommend tying little notes to each ornament to explain what they stand for OR including a list like the box above!