Ra! Ra! It's a Pom Wreath

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Today we are going to talk poms.

I have a little history with poms. I guess the cheer ones came first in the early ‘90’s. Then, I moved on to the yarn ones in high school. You see, as a majorette in the band, a rite of passage was making your first pair of poms for your boots. This required a lot of yarn. We wrapped it around our legs, tied the bunch with a string and then cut them. To finish the look, we added a sequin wrapper!


Fast forward to today.

I’ve been seeing pom wreaths, poms on shirts, poms on hats...poms are having a moment. I thought - I could make that. Then, I discovered the plastic pom makers. No legs required!

During a snowy, cold weekend, I bought some yarn and pomed away. Before I used my fancy pom makers, I did watch this super helpful tutorial.

I paired pink, red and magenta yarn together for a heart wreath (I already had the wire wreath at home). I’d say that this first attempt is missing something. Perhaps white poms? Or, maybe a multi-color yarn?

This is probably a no brainer, but when you tie the pom, you leave some extra yarn to then tie on to the wreath. You can see that I used a wire wreath. Some poms went a little rouge, so I had to work hard to place them on the wreath.

By the way, I barely scratched the surface on these big rolls of yarn. I have so much left! If you are making a small wreath, no need to invest in the big rolls.

I’d say, with the plastic pom makers, 3 rolls of yarn and the wire wreath, I made this for under $25. Next time, I won’t need the pom makers!