Friday, October 24, 2008

Non-reader Margaux called me this week in a panic. She had three days to pull together a creative, cute Halloween costume.

First thing first, I directed Margaux to a past Shot of Brandi* blog posting for some inspiration. While my ideas didn’t excite her, I e-mailed Margaux some additional last minute ideas.

With Halloween one week away, let these ideas inspire you too!

Morton Salt Girl:
Okay, chances are a lot of people may not know who you are unless you carry a canister of salt with you, but this costume is just adorable. To pull this off, you need a cute yellow dress (Forever 21 has some options), yellow Mary Janes and a fancy umbrella.

Election Options: A co-worker of mine is a fan of the John Stewart show. Earlier this year, he was mocking “Joe Six Pack” and mentioned his lady friend is “Jane Wine Box.” The co-worker is putting together a Jane Wine Box costume, but both make a good couple idea! OR you can get the whole election gang together – Sarah, McCain, his tight-faced wife, Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plumber, Palin’s husband in a snow suit, her knocked up daughter…all the losers (and let’s hope they are losers!).

Amy Weinhouse: This is so easy to pull together in the 11th hour – especially if you are my sister. Tease your hair up really high, wear a jean skirt, black out some of your teeth and tat yourself up. Get really wasted to complete the look.

Crazy McCain/Palin Supporter: Similar to Kristin Wigg on SNL, you can don a McCain/Palin sweatshirt, mom jeans, white hair and glasses.

Olympian: Dress up as an Olympian of any sort – swimmer, gymnast, tennis player, etc. Just raid your local Niketown sale rack.

Madeline: Along the same line of cuteness as above, you will need to have a copy of the books to make sure people get this idea.

To Catch a Predator: This is good for a threesome. One guy can be Chris Hanson, the other can be a predator and the third person can be a teenage girl. Add a camera crew/FBI for fun.

Yinzer: If I was ever in need of a last minute Halloween costume, I thought about putting on my Big Ben jersey, tying it up with a 80’s-style shirt clip and pulling on some leggings and going as a true McKees Rocks, PA resident.

Juno: Especially cute if you are in a couple and half of the team is knocked up. Do a search on Google Image and check out the movie cover – not too hard to pull off (see right). Don't forget the prego teens from Mass. if you have a group of girls.

90’s Bands: I think it’s a good time to bring back some good ole New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson (electric youth), McHammer, TLC (Left Eye!) and Salt ‘N Pepper.

Have fun! And stay tuned for my costume!

(pictures: videogum.com, flickr.com)