Trick or Drink

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two years ago a colleague from Milwaukee told me about the most adorable party her condo community was throwing – an adult Trick or Treat or “Trick or Drink.”

The community was filled with twenty and thirty –something couples, so each house served a different cocktail or shot and neighbors went from house to house enjoying “treats.”

I think this is the most wonderful idea for almost any place – condo community, apartment building or event neighborhood. Here are some tips.

* Stuff fliers into mailboxes with information about the Trick or Treat into mailboxes. Include your e-mail address on the invites so people can send questions your way and tell them you will offer drink suggestions.

* Hand deliver paper luminaries with a pumpkin shaped note with details of the night. Tell people to light the luminaries to show neighbors that they are participating in the festivities.

* Create a map of the neighborhood that highlights houses participating.

* Select one residence as the final destination for a big gathering. If the weather is warm, create a block party at the end of a cul de sac.

* At each stop, encourage each house to serve a signature drink and a spooky treat.

* Hold a contest for the house that decorates the best! For apartment buildings or townhouse complexes, deck out your door.

* Really want to wow your visitors? Purchase dry ice from a local retailer. Use the dry ice to create a fog effect around your door. Add a block to the food table to create a creepy display.