Celebrity Spirits

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Over the last year, rehab has become a cooler celebrity hot-spot than Les Duex. From Britney to Lindsey to Eva Mendes, it seems like ever week a new starlet is hanging out at Circe Lodge in Utah.

While some stars are leaning on a sponsor to stay sober, other celebrities are become more involved in the alcohol industry. Here are some famous people whose names you may see behind the bar at your favorite watering hole (or down Diesel).

Donald Trump: Of course The Donald had to put his name on a bottle of something and vodka was his poison. Let me just say this brand markets itself as “quadruple distilled.” I learned from the Absolut folks that vodka can really only be distilled twice – anything after that really doesn’t matter or effect the taste.

Roberto Cavalli: Cocktails are basically a fashion accessory at a club, so it makes sense for fashion icon Roberto Cavalli to get into the spirits biz with a vodka brand, right? Roberto Cavalli stays true to his heritage by using Italian water and grains in the blend. The bottle is also designed by Cavalli himself.

Dr. Dre: Not only is he a badass rapper and an original gangsta, but Dr. Dre launched “Aftermath Cognac” this fall in a partnership with A&M Records and Drinks Americas. Make sure you have a pimp cup on hand to drink The Aftermath.

Snoooooooppppp: Of course Snoop Dog is following in Dre’s footsteps with his own cogna coming out in the next few months. One of them should really create pre-mixed gin & juice in a can. I have a great advertising jingle in mind.

Danny DiVito: After his drunken appearance on “The View” Danny now bottles and sells limoncello.

Willie Nelson: Let me tell you – Willie knows how to party. First his reputation for being a pot head, then his bourbon brand? Willie seems like a good time. His bourbon is called Old Whiskey River.

In the wine category, there are a ton of celebs that back brands. The list includes
- Francis Ford Coppola
- Athletes Greg Norman and Mike Ditka (Best Damn Red is a real variety)
- The late Paul Newman
- Martha Stewart (right)
- Celebrity Cellars also sells wines adoring images of Madonne, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, the face of Madonna, and Barbara Streisand.

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