Hello Birthday!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Today is the birthday of one of my all-time favorite cartoon character...Hello Kitty!

My cousin introduced me to Hello Kitty in 1st grade and I was hooked. I was even more obsessed because, at the time, there was only one place in Pittsburgh to purchase Hello Kitty items, so being in love with Kit was very exclusive.

In honor of Miss Kitty's birthday, Sanrio (the makers of Hello Kitty) are selling t-shirts that benefit the Humane Society. Buy yours here.

Here are some fun facts about Hello Kitty according to Wikipedia:

* Her full name is Kitty White

* First item baring HK's cute mug was a vinyl coin purse in Tokyo in 1974

* Hello Kitty has appeared in a number of television shows. IN 1991, Hello Kitty and Friends aired on CBS. The plot featured HK living as a little kit with her mom, dad and twin sister Mimmy. Her sis wears the same outfit in a different color and a bow on the opposite ear.

* In May of 2008, Hello Kitty was named a Japan Tourism Ambassador, representing the country in China and Hong Kong
* HK is a triple threat - she's hot, she can act and she also sings. Hello Kitty's branded album with a collection of artists is on sale at Walmart and iTunes.

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