I’m From Pittsburgh

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When reader Brian and I are together, he often introduces me to new people. One of the first questions from the new acquaintance is “Where are you from?” I proudly reply, “I’m from Pittsburgh!”
Now, it’s hard to translate my speaking tone through writing, but I’ll make an attempt. When I say “I’m from Pittsburgh,” it comes out like “I’M, from PITTSburgh.” While I don’t do any hand gestures, it almost seems that I am pointing both thumbs at myself or swinging one arm back and forth. I get very excited to say those three words, “I’m from Pittsburgh.” As a Pittsburghian, I am obliviously excited for the Super Bowl.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I often encourage people to incorporate food and beverages from either the teams playing in the big game OR items from the host city into their party plan. Today, that’s what I’m going to suggest for you!

* If you are serving traditional game food like burgers and hot dogs, you must always include Heinz Ketchup on your list on condiments. Heinz is such a global brand, but some may forget that it all started in Pittsburgh.

* Pittsburghers like simple, all-American food. Give a black and gold fan a good sandwich and an Iron City and you are his/her friend for life. One of the most famous signature Pittsburgh dishes is a Primanti-style sandwich - think two thick slices of Italian bread and a meat topped with coleslaw and French fries. Yes, the fries and slaw is located between the bread. My mouth is watering.

* The Steel City was a hot spot for immigrants way back. According to Wikipedia, Salvic immigrants brought over their recipe for pierogies. If you are like reader Brian and not familiar with this dish, it’s basically a “boiled dumpling of dough stuffed with varying ingredients (wikipedia).” The most popular filling is mashed cheesy, potatoes. Pittsburghers love pierogies so much that the Pirates have Pierogie races during baseball games (I love Sauerkraut Sal). Mrs. T’s makes a frozen variety that is most likely sold at your local grocery store.

* Eat & Park is a signature diner in the Western PA area. It’s a little short notice, but for future reference E&P ships its famous Smiley Cookies across the U.S. You can most likely duplicate the look of these cookies at home and tell your friends stories about dumb things you did at an Eat & Park when you were drunk.

It’s SO easy to incorporate Phoenix food into your party because Southwestern cooking is so popular.

* Don’t feel like cooking? Have your party catered by Chipotle or your favorite local Mexican diner.

* Get your drink on with Super Bowl Rita – a signature margarita. For those who like beer, buy some Corona. If you are feelin’ ballsy, ask that your invite be a +1 and bring your friend Pat. That’s Pat Rone (aka Patron). Knock back some Pat each time your favorite team scores a touchdown.

* Everyone loves a nacho or a taco bar. If you are having a party with a later kick off time, I say keep it simple and stick to the nacho bar as a snack. Most likely your guests will have already eaten dinner.

(Sources: wikipedia, Picture: pghhistory.org & me : )