ImPEACHment Party

Monday, January 26, 2009

Reader Megan wrote in today asking when Shot of Brandi* was going to issue a statement on this whole governor of Illinois scandal. Well Megan…it’s your lucky day!

Like I do with everything in my life, I say we turn this scandal in to an excuse to have a theme party! Here are some tips to host your very own “ImPEACH Blogovich” shin-dig.

* Some Chicago news channels are broadcasting the impeachment hearing live. DVR (or if you are aracaic like Brandi/Brady…VHS record) the hearings for your party. Because Blogo decided not to attend his own ImPEACHment party, record his interviews on the talk show circuit.

* Create an e-vite for your friends using jokes from the late night shows and embed a video from SNL for laughs. If you are feeling creative, take an extra step by wording your invite using Blog-speak. For example…
- ”I’m hosting this thing and it’s going to be (expletive) golden.”
- “Parachute yourself here” by 8
- If you want to bring a dish… “It’s got to be good stuff for the people of Illinois and good for me.”

* While Blogo is on his NYC media tour, the awesome quotes keep coming. Decorate your home with Hot Rod pictures and posters containing his quotes. Incase you have a friend that isn’t up on current events, print out some news stories about the whole Chicago political mess and have some recent magazines like Time or Newsweek on hand.

* Ask friends to dress like Blogo. Give the person with the best hair impression a prize. For my attire, I would totally mock Hot Rod’s jogging sweat suit look. If you are reader Brian, you will come dressed as Judy Barr Topinka (JBT) – the woman Blogo defeated in 2006 and publicly tortured with some really catchy election commercials.

* The whole saga started over a senate seat, so encourage friends to bring an item (maybe a sucky Christmas gift) to the party. Award the best item the faux sensate seat. And remember, in the words of Rod, the top prize “is a [expletive] valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing.” Donate the losing items to charity.

* Fight over the Senate Seat with a good, old fashioned game of musical chairs. Use patriotic songs like “Yankee Doodle,” for game tunes.

* Bring the imPEACHment theme alive with peach cocktails and foods. Bars in Chicago have created signature drink names that you can recycle for your party like the ImPEACH-tini (Nacional27) and the Effen Impeach Blogo (Harry Carey’s). Don't forget some delicious peach cobbler and those tasty peach gummies.

Here’s the recipe for the EFFEN Impeach Blogo (from Effen Vodka)
- 2 parts Effen Vodka
- 2 parts Peach Liqueur
- Fill glass with lemonade
Build drink in a highball glass over ice

I hope your party is (expletive) golden.

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