Pi Day

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As they say, March comes in like the lion and out like a lamb. But in between – there are a lot of nonsense holidays that give simple people like me reason to party!

One of my favorite nonsense holidays is Pi Day.

Now I was never a math student (ask Mr. Hilka), but I do remember learning about Pi.

According to PiDay.com, Pi is…

"Pi, Greek letter (blogger wouldn't insert it, but it's in the pie above), is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi = 3.1415926535... Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th."

Um, yeah, so as I said. I’m not a math girl.

Therefore, I suggest celebrating this holiday with a nice piece of Pie!

Last year I read that Pies are poised to become the new cupcakes. While I still think those delicious cakes are #1 on the dessert list, I’m starting to see pies gain some ground.

For instance, here in Chicago…okay hold the press. I went to add in a link to the Pie (an adorable bakery) Web site and BAM, I’m hit with a message that Pie Chicago closed. Crap. Well anyways, Chicago did have a bakery devoted to pies.

Screw a cute pie place. We’re in a recession. Make your own.
Pi Day falls on a Saturday this year. I’ll be entertaining guests for the Chicago St. Pat’s celebration, but if you aren’t into 18 hour drink fests, you could host a kick ass pie party.

* Start the dinner party off with mini quiches pies.

* Sticking with the theme, offer guests apple pie martini's. Keep beer on hand for the guys…maybe even some tequila. I’m sure they will be thrilled to attend your Pi Party.

* Dive right in to the main course of Sheppard’s Pie, Chicken Pot Pie and for those poor guys a pizza pie.

* Ask all of your friends to bring a pie for dessert. Bonus points if they are homemade. Supply the vanilla ice cream and cut thin slices so your friends can try a few.

**Be sure to take fun pictures of you and your friends in front of the oven pulling out the pie like you slaved all day making it with an apron on dressed like a lady on Mad Men. Trust me - you will love those later and you'll have a new Facebook pic.

Cheers to mathletes : )

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