Shot of Brandi* Bracketology

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ahhh the first day of Spring. While spending my fifth day doing some cleaning (digital and apartment) and laundry, I watched some hoops.

Yeah, Mental Floss covered the best mascots, which was a super fun idea. A number of publications did the own bracketology – best type of booze, pizza, tv shows, etc. Well here at Shot of Brandi*, we are going to feature the best player names.

Best Holiday Spirit
Dionte Christmas (Temple). Honorable Mention: Justin Holiday (Washington)

I wonder where were you conceived?
Orlando Allen (Oklahoma)
Dallas Rutherford (Northridge)
London Warren (Dayton)
Austin Thornton (Michigan State)

I should have went to another school
Xavier Crawford (Northridge)

Mom named me after my favorite toy
Truck Bryant (West Virginia)

Future Basken Robbins EmployeeScoop Jardine (Syracuse)

What’s the Difference?
Ivory White (Alabama State)

Sorry you grew up with a girl’s name
Courtney Pigram (E. Tennessee State)
Kim English (Missouri)
Korie Lucious (Michigan State)

March goes in like a lion and out like a…
John Lamb (Morehead State)

Bracketology is a MAZE to me
Maze Stallworth (Morehead State)

And the Best Named Person in the Tournament is…
Chief Kickingstallionsims (Alabama State)