It's (harry) Pott-y Time

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in the early 2000’s, I hopped on the Hogwarts Express and became obsessed with Harry Potter. I stopped studying for exams so that I could finish books. I dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween (no, it wasn’t slutty). In 2007, I finished the last book of the series in 24 hours. I’m obsessed.

This week, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the sixth movie in the series is released in theaters. To mark this marvelous occasion, today I’ll give you tips to host a Harry Potter themed party! I totally understand that the majority of my adult readers wouldn’t dare host this type of party, but one day friends, you will be parents and you may want to look back on this theme!

• Design your invitation to mock the process of getting to Hogwarts. Ask friends to meet you at Platform 9 ¾ at 11 o’clock.

• Theme the main room in your house or party site “The Great Hall.”

• Just like you are riding the Hogwarts Express, create a candy cart that can roll around the party. Include treats like Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans, Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frogs, Fizzing Whizbees and Cockroach Clusters.

• No Potter Party is complete without a Sorting Hat. Once you sort your friends, award each wizard with a house-themed tie. They are super easy to make with a little felt. The colors are…
o Gryffindor: red and gold
o Hufflepuff: yellow and black
o Ravenclaw: blue and bronze
o Slytherin: green and silver

• For the real wizards, MuggleNet has the lyrics to Sorting Hat songs

• If you are going to have any HP-themed games, then use each house as a team.

• In a special section of your party room, create a mini Diagon Alley, complete with an Ollivander’s wand station. Create a sign that says ”Ollivander’s: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC.” Print out popular spells and hang them from the wall for friends to practice their skills.

• Label the bar area The Leaky Cauldron, complete with a bartender named Tom. For those friends that may have a little too much butterbeer, offer them a room for the night ; ) Speaking of ButterBeer, I found a few recipes for this delicious beverage here and for an alcoholic version click here.

• Offer your friends a Rob at Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions. This is where Harry meets Draco Malfory for the first time.
• For the real Harry Potter buffs, create a Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. This can be a DIY sundae bar. In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry can be seen doing homework here.

• Purchase a number of gag toys for a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes shop. This is the joke shop that Fred and George Weasley open after Harry gives them his Triwizard Tournament winnings.

• Include miscellaneous props like Harry-inspired glasses, golden snitches, brooms (spray painted to look like Nimbus 2000),

• Send out photos and a party recap in the form of The Daily Prophet.

Yeah, I’m a dork. By now you should know that I don’t care what you think lol. I know if you are a Harry Potter fan, at least one of these tips made you smile!

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