Popping Up At Parties

Monday, July 20, 2009

A lot of different trends are stemming from these “rough economic times.” Two that I am really digging in the entertaining world involve cheap but chic décor. Today, I’ll explore one of them – balloons.

For a long time, using balloons as décor was a major entertaining faux pas. But now they are “popping” up everywhere.

Here are some of my most favorite uses of balloons…

From the Queen of Crafts and Entertaining herself, Martha Stewart, comes this wonderful table setting highlighted with oversized balloons from her “Glamorous Reception” themed-wedding. If Martha says balloons can be glamorous, then by golly they can be.

The Balloon Saloon in New York has some pricy, but easy to DIY inspirations like this balloon flower. This would be awesome for a shower or a children's birthday party. For a DYI spin on this idea, visit Martha.

A wedding blog, 100 Layer Cake, showcased using balloons in a carnival-themed party or wedding to revel where guests are sitting. You blow up the balloon, drop in a paper table number and then write the couple’s name on the balloon. Upon arriving, the guests pop the balloon to see where they are sitting. I like the element of engagement, but the noise would probably get old.

For a baby shower, PartyMaker.com has an adorable air balloon centerpeice.

I've also seen peole making oversized names of the guest of honor in balloons. That would be super cute for a Sweet 16 party!

Lastly, a number of party planners blow up hundreds of balloons and send them flying to the ceiling or top of a tent for a colorful look. Eventually, the balloons will deflate and come down. I've seen this look done with ribbons hanging from the balloons.

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