I'll YouTube It

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As a follow up to last Tech Tuesday that featured photo sites, I wanted to share a few places where you can post videos.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we all know about YouTube. I mean it’s now the Kleenex or Q-tip of video sites. However, there are some other places to post videos.

Vimeo: Yes, this site has a weird name. But it’s super creative. Vimeo is a twist on the words movie and video with a splash of the word me. Vimeo is more colorful and fun than YouTube. Vimeo clips are easy to post on blogs, Facebook, etc. and the site also allows users to post HD quality video!

Google Video:
Of course Google has a video hosting web site. In order to upload videos, you need to download a specific uploader, but it’s said to be easy to do. One watch out is that Google has strict legal and technical standards so it make take a while for them to “verify” your video.

MotionBox: While I haven’t used this site, it could be a front runner for my favorite because it appears to be the most private and secure. The site is designed for you to create videos and share them with your friends and family – not the world. You can also purchase DVD’s of your videos and create FlipBooks for a low cost. Two thumbs up and 4 starts for MotionBox!

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