Who's Bad?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yesterday would have been Michael Jackson 51st birthday. Mike and I recently got back together after the American Idol episode where contestants sang his tunes. I downloaded a bunch of MJ’s tunes and PYT became my jam of 2009.

I know you are probably sick of seeing MJ coverage, but after he died a Facebook status update sparked this blog posting.

A co-worker of mine announced plans for a “Dress like your favorite Michael Jackson song” party. I LOVE this idea and there are so many possibilities. If you don’t want to host this party now, I would suggest making it a Halloween party theme. When you add a theme to a costume party, people feel less pressure to come up with a creative idea.

Here are some “Dress Like Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song” costume ideas.

* Thriller: Duh. This was only one of the single most popular MJ tunes. Make sure you know the dance moves.
* Billie Jean: Dress in full 80’s gear with a sticker that says “My name is Billy Jean” Or a shirt that says “Not your lover.”
* ABC: This would be an awesome pic for a school teacher friend. Buy a solid color pants/top and shorts/top combo and paste ABC’s all over your outfit.
* Black or White: Another no-brainer.
* PYT: This would be best pulled off by a guy who dresses as a teenage girl.
* Man in the Mirror: It would be great to carry around a mirror with you OR a photo of yourself in a frame that looks like a mirror.
* Dirty Diana: Like Billy Jean, you can wear a “My Name is..” sticker and appear really dirty.
* We are the World: Wrap yourself in a map.

If you start running out of ideas, the costumes related to the crazy life that was Michael’s are endless…
* Blanket
* LaToya
* Janet
* Elizabeth Taylor (my pick!)
* Characters from “The Wiz”
* Bubbles (his monkey)

Feel free to add your own ideas below! I would love to see pictures if any of you host or attend one of these parties.

(Photos: polyvore.com)