Ha Ha Halloween

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Today is October 7th. Maybe this post is a little late. Then again, for my fiancé and his friends, this post might be a little early.

Here is it kids. The annual Shot of Brandi* Halloween suggestions.

Dead CelebritiesInsensitive? Maybe. Overdone for ’09? Maybe. Easy? Yes.

· MJ: Totally obvious. Shout out to Brady’s mom who said that she liked my previous MJ post and may use one of the ideas for her upcoming Halloween party!

· Farrah Fawcett: So I typically think Charlie’s Angles is uncreative, but this year it’s Shot of Brandi* approved.

· Patrick Swayze: This is my favorite idea, but of course denied by Reader Brady – I wanted to be Jennifer Grey and Patty Swayze from the final night at Kellerman’s. So easy for a guy – just black on black. For the lady – a pink girly dress and ‘80’s hair.

· Ed McMahon: Go to Kinko’s. Get a giant check printed. Buy some balloons and suddenly you are the Publisher’s Clearing House prize team. Bring along your own video crew (thanks Reader Brian)

· Golden Girls: As a tribute to Bee Author, dress as the Golden Girls. I'd so be Rose.

2009 has been a big year for ladies in music – which inspires some great costume ideas.

· Beyonce’s Single Ladies: Three girls. Three black body suits. Enough said.

· Lady GaGa: Everday is Halloween for GaGa. Pick a look – my vote is for the Kermit the Frog look.

· Jessica Simpson: I love you J, but you had a rough year that can be made fun of easily. Wear too small daisy dukes with a tight flannel and hold up a missing dog sign. I’m mean.

· The Cast of Glee: While this might be a little tricky to execute, dressing up as The Cheerio’s is easy! There are also costumes from the group songs – like the “Push It” pep assembly.

· Dancing with the Stars: An easy couple costume.

· Ellen: Be sure to wear your dancing shoes.

· Biggest Losers: I’m so mean. Buy the shirts from NBC and stuff yourself silly with pillows.

Pop Culture

· Octomom: With the Jon + Kate madness, people have forgot about the trainwreck that is Octomom.

· Kate + 8: Speaking of Kate, with a quick wig, you can be Kate!

· Susan Boyle: Reader Brian rejected this idea of mine, but I love the idea of a guy dressing up as the YouTube sensation.

· Swine Flu: This is Brady’s idea. Dress up as a pig with a surgical mask.

· Vampires: Duh.

So 2008
· Sarah Palin
· Playboy Bunnies – enough already.
· Amy Winehouse
· Britney Spears (this one was over years ago)
· Spencer & Heidi

Well darling readers. I just want to give you the heads up that my costume is not included in this list. You’ll have to wait and see what I whip up for 2009.

(photos: sillygrrl.com, freewilliamsburg.com, jbtvguy.com, happyhourmom.com)