Hairography: Best Hair

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Every class had a few of these gals. Those ladies who could jump out of the pool with wet hair and have it dry gorgeously straight. Or the same chick who would have poker straight hair when the humidity would hit 80. Well all envy the girl who has the Best Hair.

More than ever, there are so many hair accessories out there that make the perfect present. Here are some options:

Anthropologie ($32.00): The details on this headband make it worth the buck! This festive piece can dress up or down any outfit!

Forever 21 ($3.80): Available in an array of colors, the price on this bow headband is make it a must purchase in multiple shades!

Coquette ($48.00): Designed by a former dancer in the New York City Ballet, this Coquette headband makes me swoon. You can totally see Rachel Piskin’s dance background throughout her designs.

Adrienne Landau Earmuffs from Bluefly ($49.00): While these fuchsia earmuffs may take the attention away from your beautiful mane, the color will bright up your dreary winter!

Juicy Couture ($55.00): It’s important to keep your head warm in cold weather, but it’s also necessary to keep your hair cute and stay fashionable. This Juicy had should keep you warm and looking cool.

Charter Club Cloche ($26.99): At $27.00, this hat is a steal! Especially since it’s on sale at Macy’s. You’ll probably get another $10 with a coupon! The red color is so very festive.

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