Biggest Loser

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

In high school it was so easy to be active. From sports to dance teams to gym class, teens are always on the go. Now in the working world…not so much.

For that "Best Built" person who loves to stay active, but hates paying costly gym memberships, here are some fun accessories to stay fit.

Yoga Mat ($21.99): A cool yoga mat is a must have for any yoga-er! The more decorative and pretty the better. That way, if you suck at class, you will still look cute!

Dancing with the Stars, Dance off the Pounds ($9.99): Who doesn’t love a little Dancing with the Stars action! After seeing Kelly Osbornes transformation this season, to me this is a great gift!

Fitness Magazine Subscription ($16.97): I was always a bit skeptical that Fitness Magazine was strichtly for body builders until I received a free issue. I must say, there are some great tips and user-friendly work out ideas and tips. It’s a great read!

Tennis Racquet ($39.99): Tired of the same fitness routine? Shake things up by trying a new sport, like tennis. Racquets and tennis balls are pretty cost effective, but you might run into an issue trying to find some courts. I’d check with your local YMCA for deals.

Samsung ($39.99): While I am a faithful iPod shuffle user, the Samsung Flash is an attractive alternative. This little gadget holds 500 songs AND plays FM radio! Bonus!

Sled ($19.99): Roll with me on this one for a second. When you go sled riding, you typically go down a hill. Well you need to walk back up the hill again to go back down, SO sled riding is a great cardio activity for the winter! Plus, you are bound to break a sweat with all of those layers!

(Photos: Mat, Racquet & Sled –, Magazine – Fitness Magazine, MP3 – Samsung, Video –, star from istock photo)