I Believe the Children Are Our Future…

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As I sit in a hotel room across from Bryant Park where the 2010 Fall Fashion Shows are taking place, I wanted to introduce you to three tech-savvy teens (or tots) who are looking to take the fashion world by storm.

· Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie: I’ve been following Tavi for about two years now and I am obsessed with her. This 13-year-old fashion blogger has a style I will probably never understand, but I applaud her confidence and the way she takes fashion risks at her middle school in the suburbs of Chicago. Not only does she keep me in a trance with her fashion-forward posts and designer history, but she has caught the eye of a number of high-powered people in the industry, including Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Comme des Garcons (just to make a few). Designers are flying her all over the world to preview their designs, but when she returns to real life, she's just your average teen that throwns up in gym class and gets picked on by kids in her grad. You may not fall in love with her at first, but if you read blogs everyday, consider adding Tavi.

· Cecilia Cassini, Fashion Designer: I just learned about Cecila today as I was combing through pictures of today’s shows (just to confirm that I did indeed whack AnnaLynne McCord with my purse in the hotel lobby). Cecilia is TEN YEARS OLD and designs AND SEWS her own clothes. In fact, her first trunk show sold out of all 200 designs available. Cecila is at Fashion Week right now thanks to some producers who are shopping a tv show about this pre-teen around to the networks. I checked out her stuff and it is actually pretty cute (for kids). This girl is one to watch if the industry doesn’t destroy her by 16 (or her parents that most likely wrote the horrible bio on her web site).

· Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes: So I don’t know Jane. I’ve never met her. I just read her blog on a daily basis. But there is something about Jane I hate to love. She is a pretty 18-year-old that has an incredibly fashionable mother, whom she’s inherited her clothes and style. Jane’s blog received the attention of Urban Outfitters and the hipster brand asked Jane to design a line of shoes for their stores. She was then featured in a number of magazines, including Vogue, who recommended her for the prestigious Crillion Ball in Paris, where she was dressed by Chanel . As you can see, this girl has an awesome resume at such a young age, however there is one thing I’m not so sure I like about this girl – she dropped out of school after her junior year to be “homeschooled” so that she could work on her blog and eventually enroll in fashion school. While I can’t tell this person I don’t know what to do, I kinda wish Jane would have shown her readers that she can manage school (high school for sake) and a blog at the same time.

(photos from harpers bazzar, atlantis home and cecilia cassini)