PARTY in the F.E.B.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Seriously. If you don’t find an excuse to celebrate something in the next 8 days, you are really lame.

Okay…I am being dramatic.

It’s really weird. February is the shortest month, but it is also the month with the most unofficial holidays! Here’s 8 things to drink to in the next 8 days.

1. Football: Raise your hurricane in the air for the Black & Gold winning the Super Bowl! I just hope we are all toasting some Iron City’s in 2011!

2. Fat Tuesday: Fat Tuesday is going to be one awesome celebration this year with the Saints Super Bowl win.

3. Carnaval: Brazil’s version of Fat Tuesday, people in Rio. Toast with a Caipirinha!

4. Basketball: WVU vs. Pitt on Saturday night? Sweeeeet Caroooolinnnnee…Bah, Bah, Bah…Eat Shit Pitt!

5. Valentine’s Day: Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on Sunday. Drink wine with your sweetie or drink a bottle by yourself.

6. Chinese New Year: The Year of the Tiger starts on Valentine’s Day? I guess the only tiger I know could use some love this year.

7. Olympics: Remember the Shot of Brandi Beer Olympics? You don’t? Well you can read all about it here

8. President’s Day: Celebrate George & Abe by throwing down some Benjamin’s at the mall!

Bonus Ready to Celebrate? Do a heel click in your Jimmy Choos. Fall 2010 Fashion Week starts. Wanna know a secret? Yours truly will be drooling outside the tents next week as I will be spending three nights across the street at the Bryant Park Hotel. So yes, I’ll be bringing you the news from Bryant Park. Seriously – don’t expect that I’ll see more than white tents!