Ain't Nothing But An Oscar Party

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Have an Olympics hangover? Looking for something to do this week to fill the void of your new obsession over snow-sports? Channel your energy on planning an Oscar-viewing party for this Sunday, March 7th. Here are some tips, inspired by the nominated films and actors, to get you started!

· While you would typically look cheap for doing this, create a bar for the night filled with mini alcohol bottles in honor of my favorite movie of the year “Up in the Air.”

· Inspired by “Up,” which is nominated for Best Picture, tie a bunch of balloons to a gingerbread house.

· Recycle your Super Bowl party goods to pay homage to “The Blind Side.”

· Give props to “District 9” by channeling your inner extraterrestrial with alien-themed candy.

· Blue cocktails are a must for “Avatar” fans. Bonus points for guests who come in blue full-body paint!

· For a different spin on the movie “An Education,” create an interactive learning station with a new food or beverage. From a buffet of different cheeses to whiskeys, the possibilities are endless.

· While “Julie & Julia,” didn’t get a Best Picture nod, Meryl Streep is up for Best Actress. Celebrate this picture with some signature Julia Child recipes.

Tomorrow I'll have some awesome tips from around the blog-o-sphere!

P.S. – If you follow my PR agency on Twitter, you will see some of these tips in our Tweets this week. I entered them ; )