Make a Lucky T

Monday, March 15, 2010

Loyal readers know that St. Patrick’s Day is a big time of year at the Smithkowski residents (that’s Brady and I’s celebrity name).

Since 2006, we’ve been welcoming guests to Chicago to celebrate the American-glorified “holiday.” And this year did not disappoint.

While I don’t have any fancy décor or recipes to share, I do have a quick and easy craft project.

In about 15 minutes, I made a fancy bedazzled t-shirt for under $20. Here’s how you can make your own customized shirt for an upcoming holiday or party!

· Purchase gems from a craft store. For this shirt, I got some sweet shamrocks.
· Buy an expensive shirt. I got mine at Old Navy.
· Place some cardboard or a hard surface in between the two layers of the shirt.
· Lay out the gems while you warm up a hot glue gun.
· Glue down the gems – but be careful not to burn your fingers.


Pretty easy, right?