Meow..Hisss...Purrr...Hoot Hoot...

Friday, January 07, 2011

Do you ever see a trend and think “I will NEVER wear that?” Then all the sudden you are shopping and see the said trend and think “Well…maybe I’ll try that on…” Then you buy it and suddenly you are sucked in to the trend.

This was me with animal hats. I thought all of those celebrities looked a bit silly in the animal hats, but on a recent trip to NY stuck in an awkward work situation, I found myself handing over cash to a vendor in Times Square. And…ta da…I have a black cat hat! Meow.

If you aren’t familiar with this trend, more and more celebrities are wearing comical animal hats. It feels like something they sell in Hot Topic, but let’s just roll with it.

Here’s some celebs rockin the look so that you can visualize what I am babbling about:

Urban Outfitters, (gotta love the Owl look!) and

My hat? This black Nepal Animal Hat. It looks like Paris and I have similar tastes. Thanks Times Square!