Teeny Martini's and Low Cal Cocktail

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I always say – resolutions, smelizuations. I hate making silly goals at the start of the new year. But we all know that I can be rather a-typical.

Stats tell me that the number one resolution is to lose weight. Health experts tell me that in order to do this its best to cut out alcohol. My inner voices say – how the heck can you do that?!

For those future AA members like myself, I wanted to share with you some low-cal drink options & tips that are perfect for those of you looking to shed a few pounds in the New Year.

• My fav low-cal beverage of choice, a glass of champagne is under 100 calories – clocking in at 90!

When researching this story, I came across a good article on WebMD, (uh, huh. That’s right), about the amount of calories in drinks. Here’s some good facts:

• Most glasses of wine have between 120 – 150 calories. A wine spritzer has around 100 calories.
WebMd also advises drinkers to beware of mixers. Thank god vegetable juice has under 100 calories (love my bloody’s) vs. 150 calories found in most OJ’s. Soda can also be a big calorie adder.
• Some drinks at the 200 calorie level? Cosmopolitan, Mulled Wine, Vodka & tonic and Gin & tonic

Drinks to watch out for? According to the awesome list on WebMD...
• Hot Chocolate with peppermint schnapps – 380 calories
• Long Island Iced Tea: 780 calories (Good lord, no wonder I gained weight in college. I used to drink a ton of these on $1 22oz mixed drink night at Levels)
• White Russian – 425 calories
Pina Colada – 378 calories
• Chocolate Martini – 438 calories
• Margarita – 280 calories