Bottle Full of Bub

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Part of my day job involves monitoring food magazines for client stories and the latest trends – not a bad job, right?

Today I found a story from the January 2011 issue of Food Network magazine on 31 tips that had to do with champagne. I love champagne and I thought that some of these tips were too awesome not to share.

Champagne Tips from Food Network Magazine (with some commentary from me!)

· Is your champagne bottle too pretty to part with? Use your empty champagne bottle as a water bottle on your table (cute idea for a hangover brunch!)

· Sautee shrimp with a splash of champagne

· Put raisins in champagne – they jump up and down

· Brie and camembert cheeses pair well with champagne

· Learn how to saber a bottle of champagne

· Make Bellini’s!

· Champagne Pops? Yes, please! Mix half champagne with half fruit juice and pour into pop molds

· Brut champagne pairs well with popcorn

· Make champagne Jell-o shots. Substitute the water with champagne

· Buy champagne, prosecco and cava and see if people can tell the difference

· Try Gruet Brut bubbly – it’s from New Mexico

· Champagne frosting: whip 2 sticks of butter, 3 cups of confectioners’ sugar and a big splash of champagne (Shot of Brandi* recommends putting this on cupcakes!)

(source: Food Network Magazine)