Royal Obsession

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are you over Royal Wedding talk? Don’t continue on.

If you can’t get enough of it like me – here’s some more cool things from around the crazy internets.

• In public relations, we make these crazy lists and schedules for all of our events. And, back in the day when I worked in sports, we made game notes for the sports reporters so that they had something to talk about during down time of games. Well – The Official Royal Wedding Media Briefing is like a mash up of these. Read this tonight and I guarantee you will either scare or impress friends with all of your knowledge of the “Wedding of the Century”

• Didn’t get an invite to the Royal Wedding? Generate your own here

• The Golden Globes have Moet , most rappers (except Jay-Z) have Cristal, so what will be on the table during the festivities? Decanter Magazine is confirming that Pol Roger will be the official Champagne sippled before the sit-down meal. This is another little detail that will break recent tradition. Bollinger was served at Queen Victoria and Prince Charles’ weddings.

• For a few weeks now, my secret obsession has been the UK paper, the Daily Mail. Their celebrity gossip is so good, I think I’ll continue to read it after this wedding hoopla is over. Here’s the latest and greatest story.

I’m sure I’ll update this post today if I see anything else that I can’t resist to post!