Pink Ponies

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I work in public relations.

If you don't, you'd probably say that you know what PR is. But do you really? I've heard my parents explain it like I was in advertising or just name where I work and people say "oh yeah, that's a good company." At one time I think my dad had people convinced that I sold alcohol. I guess that's kinda cool ; )

Over the past five days, I spent some time at a life-changing "camp" that taught me new PR skills, social skills languages, and most importantly allowed me to meet the most AMAZING people from all over the globe. I'm talking friends from Dubai, Russia, Costa Rica...America!

I'll discuss more about that soon, but while participating in a 24-hour challenge, I found this video and it pretty much sums up what my job is. A client has an issue, we brainstorm creative ways to solve the challenge, we publicize it, we execute the idea and then we measure the results.

I'd gladly accept this client any day ; )