Wine Rhyme

Monday, July 11, 2011

For those of you that know me well,
Know that writing poems is something I find swell.

I write poems inside cards and to enhance gifts,
I write poems to sometimes give friends who are feeling down a little lift.

Last weekend I bedazzled a poem that I found on the internet,
This craft is so easy, it won't cause a sweat.

Six wine bottles were decorated by my mom with bows,
My perfected printed lables were tied on for show.

A gift to go with wine glasses for a bridal shower,
One that is perfect for the couple to enjoy during happy hour.

Below I'm sharing this poem with you,
Printing these lables and stealing this idea is something that you should totally do!

Instructions for this Craft:
  •  Buy six wine bottles that go with the poem below (i.e. bubbly for wedding night and anniversary, red for a fight)
  •  Print out the lables (I would cut and paste the jpegs below)
  • Add in the couples name into the blanks
  • Decorate the bottles
  • Add the lables to the bottles (I punched a hole into the lables and then tied them on to the bottles with ribbon)

You could also switch this up with bottles of alcohol, beer, etc. Whatever your budget is! I've also heard of bridesmaids each buying a bottle and then presenting the bride with the bottle and reading their label at the shower. Here's a pic of my creation.