Five Shots for Friday

Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow. It’s here. The SHOT OF BRANDI HOLIDAY GIFT A DAY posting! Like a good elf, I’ve been researching, book marking and writing posts for the entire month of December of gifts for a variety of friends, family members and kids. I’m super excited about some of these items!

(photo from Shot of Brandi* Google analytics)

Anyways, here’s five links to keep you occupied today.
·       Um, wow. Hey 59 People that stumbled on my blog looking for images of Mario Lemieux’s new house because of this past post! Surprise! I don’t have any hockey scoop for you – just glitter, wine and crafts around these parts.  (And yes, I’m watching you people. I have analytics on this blog, what, what!)
·       Rentable glitter carpet for events? Your welcome.
·       32 Best Memes of 2012
·       Having a bad day? Check out Daily Odd Compliment (thanks, sometimes reader Britta)
·       Why wasn’t there a Pro Wrestler in the School of Journalism when I was at WVU?!