Nailed It!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Nail-vember Ladies (or men-who-like-manicures-that-shall-not-be-named)!

If seeing all of those nail shots on Pinterest wasn’t enough – (you know, the ones that show a woman’s hand holding a bottle of nail polish) - now there is a new trend of people celebrating all things nails in November (aka Nail-vember!). Maybe it’s just a way for girls to celebrate something other than Mo’vember OR it’s the new trend of mashing up works (Friendsgiving and marketing campaigns that I’ll refuse to name). Regardless, I’m jumping on this bandwagon and showing you my favorite nail items.

Disclaimer: I’ve probably had less than 10 or 15 manicures in my life. I’m in no ways a nail expert, so this post is likely for the nail novices – or those that just slap on some color on a weekly basis (if that).


·       Remember those Advent calendars that you had as a kid? Well Ciate stepped up that game with 24 days of mini polishes.
·       I always tend to find myself spending time in the airport looking at my awful nails. So I typically end up purchasing one of these nail files from The Body Shop. These things seriously last forever. I have one at my desk from 2010. 
·       I love myself a good Kate Spade product and this nail set is no exception. I think it’s perfect for what I call the mullet girl. Business (in the front) and likes to party (in the back) – you get some good day/night shades.
·       For years I was a straight OPI girl, but now I’m totally Essie. For me, OPI takes FOREVER to dry. Check out Essie here and a post that I wrote about fun ways to use Essie as a party favor!
·       If you can’t escape OPI, try the “Nailed It” collection of its Top 10 colors.
·       I’ve also been dabbling in luxury lacquer from Deborah Lippmann. The fun names of these shades make for great gifts – “Bring on the Bling” for the newly engaged gal, “Swagga Like Us” for your fly friend, and the True Blood set for the vamp obsessed.
·       In regards to keeping those hands super soft, I’m partial to Bliss products. They last forever and keep your hands silky smooth!