Thursday, February 07, 2013

Shot of Mom Birthday Shot

It’s Thirsty Thursday and……SHOT OF MOM’S BIRTHDAY!! You know what that means?!

We feature Shot of Mom’s Favorite Drink!

Mom's Birthday Dinner - Janet was playing the role of "Dad" for the night due to snow! 

Sue trends to indulge in a variety of alcoholic beverages like “Strong Island” Iced Teas, Little Beers, wine, beer, etc. So I wasn’t sure what “go to” drink to feature here, so I asked Shot of Mom and she said – “Chocolate Covered Pretzel Shots.”

By Sue’s request, here is the recipe for Chocolate Covered Pretzel via the Frangelico website:

·       1oz Frangelico 
·       1oz Whipped Vodka

Directions: Shake with ice, pour in shot glass. Lick salt then take shot.

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