Shot of Mom Birthday Shot

Thursday, February 07, 2013

It’s Thirsty Thursday and……SHOT OF MOM’S BIRTHDAY!! You know what that means?!

We feature Shot of Mom’s Favorite Drink!

Mom's Birthday Dinner - Janet was playing the role of "Dad" for the night due to snow! 

Sue trends to indulge in a variety of alcoholic beverages like “Strong Island” Iced Teas, Little Beers, wine, beer, etc. So I wasn’t sure what “go to” drink to feature here, so I asked Shot of Mom and she said – “Chocolate Covered Pretzel Shots.”

By Sue’s request, here is the recipe for Chocolate Covered Pretzel via the Frangelico website:

·       1oz Frangelico 
·       1oz Whipped Vodka

Directions: Shake with ice, pour in shot glass. Lick salt then take shot.