Candyless Valentine's Day

Monday, February 11, 2013

Around the holidays, the more parents and teachers that I talked to, the more told me that their child wasn’t able to take treats into school for birthdays and holidays. Let me rephrase that – they could take treats in, but they needed to be healthy treats. FUN SUCKERS!

This must be a national trend, because I’m seeing more and more “treats” that aren’t exactly food, but small prezzies (girlspeak for presents).

Here are a few that caught my eye for Valentine’s Day…

Loving You Wouldn’t Be a Mistake eraser via Land of Nod blog

Puzzle via Nest of Posies (via House & Home)

Other Ideas….
·         “Blowing Valentine’s Day Kisses” - bubbles
·         “You are a-dough-able” - Playdoh
·         “You make my heart bounce” – ball
·         “You’re #1 In my book” - bookmark
·         “I only have eyes for you” – sunglasses
·         “You’re a gem” – gems
·         “You sparkle” – glitter
·         “You’re dino-mite” – plastic dinosaurs
·         “I dig you” – plastic shovels
·         “You light up my life” – glow sticks or flashlight  
·         “You’re super” – cape
·         “You add color to my life” – crayons
·         “You rock” – ring

I could keep going…if you have any ideas, write them in the comment section!