Eat More Pi

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I excel at many things in life…like twirling batons, taking jumping photos and telling random stories. But one thing that I DO NOT excel in is math. I barely know how I survived math in school and on SATs. I know how I survived it in college – I took math during the summer at community college. You only needed a D for it to be considered a “passing” credit ; )


While I’m not good at math, I am good at drinking. So today, I’m toasting 3.14 – Pi Day. You see 3.14 is the mathematically equation for Pi. I’m really not going to tell you anything beyond that, other than you can make a Pi Day Cocktail courtesy of Drink of the Week.

The Think Geek Pi-tini (via Drink of the Week)
·       3.14 ounces of blueberry vodka
o   Measure the diameter of the glass in centimeters , then take pi (3.14) times the glass radius squared ounces of vermouth and divide by 10
·       Splash of Blue Curacao for color
·       Pour into a cocktail shaker, shake 3.14 times, and strain in a cocktail glass