Reader Mailbox: Engagement Gifts

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Reader Trish IMs: What is a good idea for an engagement gift?

Shot of Brandi IMs: What’s the price range?

Reader Trish IMs: It’s for my boss

Shot of Brandi IMs: I’m so blogging this

Reader Trish IMs: You haven’t blogged in forever…

Engagement gifts can be tricky – the couple typically hasn’t registered yet and you don’t want to spend a lot of money because you know that you’ll be heading to the ATM for the shower, bachelorette and wedding. So here are my suggestions for engagement gifts for the couple.

·         Tiffany & Co Champagne Flutes: Secret fact about Tiffany & Co – they make $20 champagne flutes. If you purchase two, you are still under $50 for a gift that will wow in that blue box with white ribbon

·         Mr. & Mrs. Glasses: While we are on the subject of glasses, I love these Mr. & Mrs. Glasses. Wedding planning can be stressful, so I do recommend something to drink alcohol from. …which brings me to my next suggestion…

·         Champagne: This is a rather obvious choice, but see comment above. The newly engaged couple will need lots of alcohol ; )

·         Cutting Board: Something a bit more personal, I love this cutting board with the couple’s name and engagement date from Etsy.

·         Restaurant Gift Card: Finally, a gift card to a local restaurant is also a good idea. If the couple needs to save up for their wedding and honeymoon, they may cut back on eating at restaurants, so this gift card would come in handy for a nice night out!

And for your newly engaged lady friend, here’s two past engagement gift ideas here and here. Other ideas include a subscription to a bridal magazine, wedding planner and books or anything that says “Soon to be Mrs” like stationary!