Etsy Item of the Week: Just Beat It

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whether it’s a kids birthday, bachelorette party, adults birthday or just for no darn reason at all, I’m really still obsessed with piñatas. So I decided that they would be my Etsy Item of the Week.

My first stop was Pinata Fun and of course my eyes went right to the owl!

I’ve mentioned them here before, but PinataVille just may have moved into the category of MY FAVORITE with this creation.

And who can forget their awesome alcohol-themed piñatas.

Studio Mucci’s piñatas are so pretty you may not want to hit them. Then again, if they are filled with candy and mini bottles of booze, you will want to break it at some point ; )

Finally, I’m digging the cool chevron color combos from AbitaAchie