Shot of GodMom's Awesome Pizza Dip

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I interrupt this regularly scheduled Sunday with Sue to bring you a post from another Shot of Mom…Shot of GodMother – Aunt Michelle!

Craftiness and Cookingness (is that a word?) totally run in my family. So it’s no surprise that my mom’s four sisters excel at both crafting and cooking.

On Father’s Day, I almost devoured a whole pie dish full of Reader/Godmother/Aunt Michelle’s Pizza Dip, so I asked her if I could share her recipe here! (Full Disclosure: Word on the street is that this was once a Pampered Chef recipe)

AUNT MICHELLE’S AWESOME PIZZA DIP! (Someone renamed this!) 
·         2 (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
·         2 Tbsp  Italian  seasoning (or to taste)
·         1 tsp minced onion
·         1 tsp garlic
·         Pepperoni slices (or turkey pepperoni) quartered

Mix above together and spread in baking dish.

·         1 cup shredded mozzarella (or pizza cheese)
·         ½ cup parmesan

Sprinkle over cream cheese mixture.

·         1 jar pizza sauce

Pour over cheese mixture

Top with more mozzarella, ore pepperoni slices, quartered and any other pizza toppings you may like.

Serve with cut cubes of Italian bread, crackers, pita chips or tortilla.