Shot of Brandi* 2013 Halloween Costume List

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OMG you guys. I don’t have any Halloween plans this year! You know what that mean? NO plans for a costume! Eek! I mean this may break a 32-year-old tradition! I can’t even think of the last time I didn’t dress up! And I’m the girl with an arsenal of costume ideas in a secret folder!

I have faith that my readers are cooler than me, so I’ll still share my annual list of Halloween ideas with you all!

2013 Shot of Brandi Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

·         What The Fox Say: This would fantastic for a group theme. One person is a fox, and the rest are the animals. Bonus points for learning the dance moves!

·         Amanda Bynes: Sorry – I know there are some sensitivities here because this kinda deals with mental illness, but once I saw her in court earlier this year with that blonde wig, I knew this would make it on my Halloween list.

·         Sharknado: The best-worst made-for-TV movie of the year. Tornado costume with sharks.

·         Miley Cyrus: I should say DO NOT do this one – it’s too obvious. Add a Robin Thicke in a striped suit for an MTV Music Awards couple costume.

·         Government Shutdown: Park rangers, zoo keepers, congressmen…dress as your favorite employee put out of work.

·         Rubber Duck: If you live in Pittsburgh, this would be a hit.

·         #TBT: Throwback Thursday – be a picture of yourself from a yesteryear!

·         Royal Baby: Diaper. Crown. Enough said. Oh and I didn’t want to mention this because I hate Kim K, but baby North West is a potential idea. 

·         Catfishing: Based on the popularity of the show and the Manti Te’o scandal earlier this year, a little pun costume could be a cat with a fishing rod!

Costumes Ideas That Need To Be Retired:
·         Black Swan/White Swan
·         The Cast of the Hangover
·         Bath Loofah(s)