#TBT Halloween Costume

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Feel free to borrow my idea! I was ME - just a younger version! 

We attended a last minute party last night – filling in for some missing team members in my parents bowling league (I bowled my average 103, but Brady bowled like the series of his life – almost hitting 200 one game!).

Given that it’s the week before Halloween, costumes were optional, so I couldn’t resist and took my own advice – I was #TBT (aka Throwback Thursday).

Here’s how I pulled this one off:

·         I went to the mall with a series of pictures from my youth with the intention of replicating one of my outfits.

·         My blue shapes sweater 1st grade pic was the easiest and most cost effective to pull off, but finding a blue sweater was a pain in the butt. I finally found one at Target for $21.

·         I purchased some felt for the shapes for $3. The necklace was a few bucks from Claire’s.

·         After scoring such deals, I decided to make the Instagram frame. The posterboard was under $5.

·         Making the sweater was easy…the Instagram frame was a bit tricker. I cut printed the word Instagram on two 8x10 prices of paper and then cut it out in just a solid white.

·         I took a screenshot of an Instagram pic and then cropped the buttons, made them bigger and then glued them to the board.

In the end, it was a cheap, easy costume that was perfect for bowling!