Looking back on 2013...

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Hello Readers! Happy 2014!

Like I did last year, I like to use Jan. 1st as a time to reflect back on my blogging stats from the past year.

Some things I want to point out…

·         2013 marked my 6th year of blogging, but I also penned the least amount of posts!

·         California topped PA as the state with the most readers! Ohio fell off the list this year. I blame reader Lindsay.

·         The 30th birthday party ideas post is getting a lot of hits on my blog because someone pinned it! Same with my 50 Shades of Grey Post!

Thank you all for following along to my little blog. I always have some fun recipes, crafts and shopping lists up my sequin sleeves, so I hope you continue to follow me throughout the year! 

Oh and by the way....

This is my 800th Post!!!!