Turn Your Tissue Into A Tassel

Sunday, January 26, 2014

For years now, I’ve been seeing tissue paper tassels on blogs. I thought to myself – “Cute! Those are so easy to make.”

Then, I saw people selling them.

Let’s have a little intervention here. Don’t buy them! Unless you need an absurd amount, they are SO EASY to make.

I bought a few supplies during my major craft weekend just to show you all how easy these are to pull off. I also referenced this tutorial from TomKat Studio – just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Step 1Buy Supplies. For my small illustration, I just bought a few pieces of tissue. I used 1 sheet for each tassel. JUST ONE SHEET! This is all that it takes!

Step 2 – Fold & Cut! Fold the paper in half and cut lines about an inch away from the fold.

Step 3 – Open & Twist/Roll! Open the folded metallic and roll down the middle like so. Warning – the metallic is rather fragile and rips easily! (sorry this photo sucks. The metallic is hard to photography with my poopy camera!). 

Step 4 – Make a loop. Once you’ve hit the end, twist and make a loop like so. My paper wasn’t holding itself in loop form, so I used a rubber band and then hit it with some metallic. Think like you are using your hair to cover up a pony tail holder lol.  


Step 5 – String ribbon through the holes.

Step 6 – Hang!

 I only made 4 to illustrate how easy this was. It took about 15 minutes.

If I were to do this for real, I would consider investing in some longer tissue paper. I have 10 sheets of tissue paper left and spent $5 on the paper (I had the ribbon at home, but I think that was $1 too).

So before you buy these online, consider making them!