Fashion Friday: Alex & Ani

Friday, February 21, 2014

Over the last year and especially around the holidays I saw Alex & Ani on a number of gift lists. I’ve seen this brand before and saved it into my “Gift” bookmark folder, but recently I’ve seen some people wearing these bracelets in person and they are super cute!

I started writing this three weeks and breaking news has come in before I could post…the Victoria Secret in Shadyside closed and it’s going to be….an Alex & Ani Store!

Not only are the bracelets cute, but they each have a special meaning.

According to the website, Alex & Ani create eco-friendly, positive energy products to enlighten the mind and empower the spirit. For example:

Khaki Healing Charm: Green symbolizes connected hearts and love’s power to heal.

Grapes: A symbol of fertility, grapes are associated with good luck, hospitality and pleasure.

Om: A sound resonating throughout the body into the soul.

Purple Velvet Spirituality Charm: Violet provides spiritual wisdom and a sense of oneness with the universe.

Tinsel Beaded Bangle: A reminder to join family and friends in joyful celebration.

Claddagh Charm: The Claddagh, which originated in Ireland, represents the virtues of love (the heart), loyalty (the crown) and friendship (the hands).

Some additional good ones!