Thirsty Thursday: Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Someone’s birthday falls on Thirsty Thursday…and that someone is ME!!!! That means I have the honor of featuring my own drink here on this blog!

My loyal readers know that I love me some wine right now. Given that it is a Throwback Thursday, I thought I would stick to that theme and take a trip down memory lane, well what I can remember of it, and highlight some of my old favorite cocktails!

Oh you see that theme up there? Almost all of my birthday parties are at bars...well, one was Chuck E. Cheese, but they serve alcohol ; )


Yes. I drank before I was 21. Other than Zima, I wouldn’t say that I had a favorite drink during my underage years. It was basically whatever us kids could get our hands on. That involved Mad Dog (shout out to reader D), Keystone Ice and Peach Schnapps. Jell-o shots were also a must.


Freshman Year – Jungle Juice, Keystone and Milwaukee’s Best. Not favorite, but it was available. When my parents came to tailgate, we got the good stuff – Coors Light. When I snuck into bars (18 to party, 21 to drink…what, what!), I’d order Sex on the Beach…because that didn’t make it obvious that I wasn’t 21!

Sophomore Year – This is where the fake ID came in thanks to sometimes reader Margaux! For beer I’d go with Coors Light. Mixed drinks my go to was Captain & Coke.

Junior & Senior Years – Turning 21 meant legal trips to the bars. For $1 22oz mixed drinks at Levels, I went with Long Island Iced Teas. When I bought myself bottles of liquor, I went Barcardi O…until I imbibed in a bit too much – haven’t drank the stuff since. Beer – Coors Light and a little Bud Light here and there.

More bars...some things never change!


2003 – dating Brady when I was living in Blacksburg, we would go to the local bowling alley and drink bottles of Bud Light in the shape of bowling pins. One of the only things I liked about Blacksburg.

Chicago Years

2005 – Moving to Chicago, I started experimenting with new cocktails. Chicago is where I discovered Effen Black Cherry. So for several years, I moved to Effen Black Cherry and Sprite.

Around the 2006 time, I started drinking white wine. Pinot grigio specifically. I’d say around 2009, I moved to Prosecco. In 2010, I discovered Prosecco with a splash of St. Germain. Shots of choice were red headed sluts and Patron. I also adopted a love of Bloody Marys during brunch!

Pittsburgh Years

In 2011, I blame sometimes reader Lindsay, I moved over to red wine. My favorite is cab and I LOVE Arnold Palmer. Recently I got into Dave Matthews Dreaming Tree and love that too! I also love me a Pimm’s Cup during the summer and also tend to sip on a gin cocktail. Shot of choice right now is Fireball.

I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for my alcohol pallet!