A Festival of Wine? I'm totally there.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Saturday the Winey Women took a field trip to the farm! Janoski Farms to be exact for the Harvest Wine Festival.

Despite the rain, our group had a great time sipping various Pennsylvania wines and noshing on a great spread of food featuring vegetables grown at the farm!

Some of my favorite wines of the day were from Greehouse Winery out of Brentwood, PA. I purchased the Applesauced wine – a blend of spiced apple and sweet cranberry – which will be amazing this fall! 

Shot of Mom purchased 8 bottles of wine, including Hoe N The Garden from Greenhouse. We drank this later that night and it’s the winery’s best seller. It’s a great summer wine – light and fruity!

The sales team at Greenhouse were great and let us try a number of wines. Two other good ones were Tramp N The Weeds and the Dan Good Wine – which is a cab that is low in sugar (= less of a hangover!)

While they didn’t have these bottles at the festival, the Hoe N Santa’s Sled & Tramp N The Snow would make cute Christmas gifts!

Last, but certainly not least form this winery was Red Hot Diamond. This is a super unique wine that is aged with a hot pepper in a bottle of Fireball! Yes, this wine has a kick to it and it’s more like a shot than a sipper.

My second favorite winery was probably Starr Hill. My top sip here was from a blend called Margarita Madness – it tasted just like a…well, you probably guessed it – Margarita! The Blackberry Blush and Recession Red were also delish. Shot of Mom bought the al Mondo – which tastes like Amearetto and smells like Maraschino Cherry. It was tasty, but I think it would be even better baked into a cupcake or icing! They also have recipes on their website.

Starr Hill appears to have a winery where you can host events and weddings or take tours.

Hailing from Aliquippa, PA, was Glatz Wine Cellars. I love a good theme and appreciate Glatz for naming its wines after gems. I tasted a number of good wines here, but I can’t seem to find their wine list online and do not have my paper of blends!

I probably drank the most frozen sangria from Volant Mill Winery. Sold as a show special, you received a bag of sangria mix and a bottle of red wine for $22. The only thing you needed to do was add water and an optional brandy and freeze to make frozen sangria. I tried a number of other wines here, including their Cocoa Vino – which tastes like chocolate.

I skipped Wilcox Winery, which has a location in Robinson, because I’ve broke out into hives from their wine in the past. I also wasn’t too much of a fan of the wines form Michael Stephen Kavic Winery located on Campbells Run Road in Carnegie. Given it’s close proximity to my hometown, I really wanted to like these wines – I just couldn’t.

I HIGHLY recommend going to this event next year! It’s a great time and a beautiful setting! Follow the Harvest Wine Festival Facebook page for news!