Moving Right Along

Monday, July 14, 2014


Over the course of the last two weeks, the hubs and I said goodbye to our apartment of the last three years. It was a lovely first place for us in the Shadyside neighborhood. We haven’t moved too far (less than a mile), but I’ll miss our little courtyard garden (as seen above)! 

Sometimes reader Trish was hungover when I was moving. I asked her – what’s worse: being hungover or moving? We agreed. It’s moving.

I’m no moving expert. I clearly don’t work for Two Guys and a Truck. But I’ve moved from Pittsburgh to Morgantown to Pittsburgh to Blacksburg to Pittsburgh to Chicago to Pittsburgh. So I know a thing or two about moving. Here’s my tips.
  • If you are moving a short distance, leave your clothes on the hanger. It’s easier than unhanging them, packing and rehanging them.
  • My moving lifesaver – 59 cent blue Ikea bags. I packed those puppies (22 of them to be exact) with containers that I always keep packed, my shoes that are in containers, awkward shaped items, books and even pots and pans. Like I said, we didn't move far!
  • Computer paper boxes. Take some of these home from work on an ongoing basis. They are sturdy and have handles (most of them. Make sure you get the ones with handles!). 
  • If you are moving DIY style, move all of the light stuff first and then tackle the furniture on the last possible day. 
  • Pack a bag list you are traveling for a 2-3 night stay. Use this to get ready at the old place until you are in the new place. Include clothes and all of the essentials to get ready. Don't forget to leave out towels too!
  • Pack your suitcases! Fill those early in the packing process with clothes that aren't in season! 
  • Pack your tools last - they'll likely be one of the last things you use at the old place and one of the first things at the new place. You may need cleaning supplies for both places - to freshen up the new one and to prep the last one for the cleaning lady or new tenants. 
  • Save your bubble wrap! That stuff is expansive!
  • While you are packing, organize items by room. It’s so much easier to unpack items when they are grouped by room! On moves past, I’ve also applied color-coded stickers to boxes so that the people moving knew where to place the box!
  • While moving is a pain in the butt, it’s also a good time to throw things away that you haven’t used in 1+ years.

Overall, these are likely common sense tips. But please do share if you have any other tips!