Ahoy! It's My Bathroom Art!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When decorating our new space, I had a tough time finding art for our bathroom. You see, we have a rather long wall.

I scoured the internet for art, but most of it was beach scenes. We do not live near a beach and I don’t want to be reminded of that daily while using the bathroom.

After some searching, I found some striped paintings with nautical images painted on the canvas. While some items were about $50 on Etsy, I decided to take on the craft myself.

Here’s what I bought:
·         4 canvases ($5 each)
·         3 paints – a light beige, tan and gold
·         Brushes
·         3M painters tape

I painted the canvases solid beige. Once that dried (which was rather quick), I used the tape to create stripes. What I found easy here was to cover the full canvas in tape and then rip off every other line. Then, I painted tan lines.

Once that dried, I did a quick internet search for nautical shapes and decided on a boat, anchor, seahorse and flamingo. They don’t really go together, but yet they kinda do. I wasn’t a fan of some of the lobsters or seashells, so I kept my animals a little tropical!

I printed and then cut out the shapes on cardstock and traced them over the canvas with a gold pencil.

Then, I painted the shapes on to the canvas. Note that it took several coats to cover up the lines. You will see the in process images below. 

And ta da! They aren’t the greatest, but for under $30, they will do just fine for now!