Adult Coloring Books - Totally G-Rated Post

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I mentioned that I purchased a fresh pack of Crayolas recently. No, they weren’t for my almost 4-month old. They were for me!

Adult coloring (which sounds awful) is totally a new-ish trend. Well in the last year+ but mainstream retailers like Target and Michaels have caught on and are selling the coloring books with prime retail placement. I picked up both of books at both stores (I mean did you really think I could pass up that Potter book?)!

Adult coloring books could be a perfect under $20 gift for a friend or stocking stuffer!

There is something so stress relieving about picking up a color and trying to stay between the lines. The USA Today also just covered the benefits of coloring in a story two days ago.

Here are some options for those of you that like to shop online!