'Tis The Season To Sparkle - DIY Ugly Sweater

Monday, November 16, 2015

Each year my employer holds an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. In order to prep for this year’s festivities, I was browsing the internet for some options. There are some awesome things out there, but I just have this major problem in that I hate paying for shipping (especially when it’s like $12) and I always think to myself, “I can make that.”

I stumbled upon an image of a tinsel cardigan and I did NOT turn back. I thought about holding in this project for an unveiling after the party, but what the heck! If one of my co-workers reads this, they can see where I’ve set the bar.

I made this little number just under $20 with a used Old Navy cardigan, six packs of 98 cent tinsel and a poinsettia flower. I hot glued the tinsel to the cardigan starting in the back, working my way to the front. Then, I wrapped the arms.

SUPER easy (minus the hot glue gun blister) and SUPER cost effective.