Good Jeans.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

If you saw me on a regular basis, you may assume that I was allergic to jeans. In fact, a former co-worker once saw me in the office and shrieked because she was in shock that I had on denim.

No. The fabric does not cause me to break out in a rash. However, I’ve just never been able to find jeans that fit me properly. I also don’t find jeans to be “comfortable.” Give me a dress and some black tights and I’m a cozy as a swaddled newborn.

Until now.

I once overheard some women in the fitting room at Anthropologie raving about Madewell jeans. In fact, one of the sales associates even chimed in saying that Madewell jeans were amazing.

So a few months ago I tried on a pair of Madewell high rise jeans and I was SOLD. So sold that I went back and bought a second pair almost immediately. The jeans are also sold here and here at Nordstrom!

These somewhat mom jeans are honestly perfect for mom-ing. They are high-rise, so I’m not concerned about my butt crack showing.

They are the perfect stretch and almost suck you in just right.

They are also the right length - another problem for me. Jeans are always too long and yes, I have tried short and even had jeans hemmed. Still wasn’t in love.

Now full disclosure: the darker wash is actually my second pair. One day when I was at home (thank god), I pulled up the zipper and it came off the hinges at the bottom. Madewell exchanged the jeans - no problem!

If you are in the market for some new denim, I highly recommend giving Madewell a try!