Shot of Brandi* Gift Guide: 40 Things for 40 Years - Part 2

Sunday, December 05, 2021

Let’s roll into the next decade with gifts for 11-20-year-olds. This is a bit of a weird age group where it feels like a drastic change between a tween and an “adult.” You really “grow up” during these years into truly becoming an adult!

Speaking of rolling, I hear roller skates made a bit of a comeback during the pandemic. Probably with a boost from TikTok. I love this pair from Chicago Skates. Not only are they an amazing shade of pink, but they LIGHT UP! The inline skates are pretty rad too!
Probably before you hit 12, updating your bedroom from kid to tween starts to happen. If you are buying for a 12-year-old that isn’t yours, maybe ask if there is something you can buy for their room. I’m thinking cool lights, a neon sign, or lamp.
Guys. If you have a teenager, bless you! It’s really hard to think about what I liked at 15 and what a teen today might want! A quick Google search tells me that Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch Dolls (I guess still!?), PlayStation, and Power Rangers were big back when I was 15. The Beanie Babies reminded me of a hot early request in this house - Squishmallows. I’m not sure I understand the point of these beyond a stuffed animal, but that statement in itself makes me sound like a huge adult, right!? Of course I’m linking a unicorn one here, but there are so many different animals. I’ve also discovered there are a lot of imitators so beware.
If I thought 13 was hard, here comes 14! Ahhhh the freshman year of high school. It makes me think of the popularity of fuzzy sweaters. Maybe because I wore one in my school picture. I’d say there was a 100% chance my fuzzy sweater was from Express, so let’s go with that. There is also a cool Free People option that is on sale right now at Macy’s.
The Christmas of ‘96. I was 15 and just 2 months shy of my 16th birthday. Clothes would have likely been at the top of my list, some disposable cameras (which, yet again are making a comeback). While I’m assuming most 16-year-olds are well into having a phone, perhaps another Apple device would be a good gift. From an iWatch to AirPods, you’ll create some excitement once they spot an Apple box! OR, if someone has both, a new iWatch band or AirPods case is nice!
I spent some time in a high school this week and one thing these girls like - leggings. You really can’t go wrong here with some Lululemon (try the Align leggings), Aerie, or Athleta.
Some of my fondest memories from high school are from “camping.” Some nights it was drinking in the woods. During the summer we would camp out at a friend's house. Sometimes in tents. Sometimes sleeping in pool chairs. One thing that could totally have enhanced the “camping” experience (other than the alcohol) was a projector to watch movies! Well, not for the parties in the woods where we were trying to be discreet. The compact size and built-in carrier on this projector one would have made it easy to lug into the woods. I probably could have used a sleeping bag and a backpack cooler too lol.
Gonna party like it’s 1999! Mid-way through my senior year and I was probably thinking about one thing...heading to WVU the following fall. So let’s roll out the red carpet and bring on some Mountaineer gifts! I actually hung on to my first WVU hooded sweatshirt. I’ll give it to Lennon when she heads on campus in 12 years. The styles of WVU-branded clothing options have been upgraded. You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt and this tailgate starter pack is amazing. Gosh when I end up on the ShopWVU website I just want it all! I’m totally against inflatables, but I keep thinking about how good this Mountaineer would look on our lawn.
You know what they say about fashion - it repeats itself every 20 years. That means everything from the year 2000 is cool again. While it might not have been totally 2000, there are two things that can help you achieve ultimate coziness from this era that are back with a vengeance - Uggs and velour. Let’s start with the Uggs. Short Uggs are on all of the hot gift lists (like the national ones, not the Shot of Brandi one which might get 62 views). Other Ugg options are the Fluff Yeah slippers or cozy socks. And the velour. It’s back. I’ve heard that Juicy suits are returning, but I even saw them at Old Navy today in the form of this short set.

Thinking about a 200-year-old me living in 2021, what would I want? I’m usually not a gift card fan, but I gotta be honest - it’s probably best for a 20-year-old! I’m thinking Amazon, DoorDash, or Uber.