Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: 40 Things for 40 Years - Part 4

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Here we are. Only a few days left to buy gifts. Or, maybe you are celebrating after the holiday and still have some time to shop. Whatever your situation is, here are 10 more gift ideas from yours truly!

31. Reminiscing on the older gift guides has been inspiring. Back in 2011, I created gift guides based on different monetary values. On the first day, I recommended the Tiffany & Co. charm bracelet and I must say, the charm options have gone downhill. I’ve been recently receiving Instagram ads for a site called Charm It. They have cute, affordable charms and bracelets for girls. You can buy one now, and add on charms all year!

32. I have two methods to help me answer “What do you want for Christmas?” (or Birthday). I save a list of items on an Amazon gift list and I have a Bookmark folder of things. I also have a digital wishlist for Lennon that I keep updating throughout the year. Family members tend to love this. Let’s dip into my Bookmark list and see what we have…This stuff is pretty pricey, so that’s why it’s sitting here! Some Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings, Estelle wine glasses, and the New York Times Cookbook (I’ve fallen in love with its online database and I love a good cookbook!).

33. How fun was the 2014 gift guide - A Colorful Christmas! Bold colors are making their way back to the runway, which means we’ll likely see it in stores next year and I am here for it! A few years ago I purchased a rainbow handbag from Kurt Geiger and I love it. It goes with so many outfits (because it’s rainbow!).

34. Um. I’m barely making in through 40 gift ideas and looking back to 2015…I published 50! FIFTY! For that gift guide, I did 3-5 gifts inspired by every state! Man, to be young, well-rested, childless, and not dealing with a global pandemic lol. Inspired by this guide is one thing I’m HOPING to do more of in 2015…travel. I cannot tell you how excited I am for a trip next summer back to my favorite beach town(s) - the Outer Banks. Two stores that we shop from online year-round are Morning View Coffee and Zen & Zip. If you decide to order some beans, we are big fans of the Booty Blend! Follow Zen & Zip on Instagram for cute athletic and athleisure gear and accessories!

35. One of the best items that I ever purchased was a good camera. Yeah, iPhones take nice photos and they are almost always in an arms reach, but I love, love, love me a good camera. This is a bit of an investment gift, but you won’t regret it! Trust me! I use this Canon set and added on an additional lens. Using it around the holidays, birthdays, and other kid-related milestones has produced some amazing photos!

36. In 2017 I took my first real cycling/spin class. I had done some classes at a gym, but let’s say 2017 was my real studio experience. I’m a big fan of CycleBar locally; however, I do have a bike at home in case I’m looking for exercise in the comfort of my basement. You can get classes online through Peleton without the bike! For my faux Peleton situation, I use a BarWing bike from Amazon (under $300!). I liked the Schwinn’s too, but a lot were sold out! I do find I like going to a spin studio for a better workout and I’m more motivated when I’m paying! I’d really like some Tiem shoes in the future!

37. Around this year, we became a Google Home family. We have the Nest Mini devices in several rooms and the Nest Hub in our kitchen. I can’t tell you how much I love saying “Hey, Google” and requesting music. I also plug in the pods outside for music while working! It’s also great to answer quick questions, handsfree! Our family uses Duo to call my grandparents and check in! They don’t have to worry about figuring out face time and frankly don’t have the right device! Recently, Lennon discovered some new tricks and requested a Wifi lightbulb for her room. Now, she can ask Google for an array of colors at night. We are just scratching the surface of fun!

38. Christmas at 38 was the first one in our new house, so likely house items were on my list! A new home ornament is great for someone you know that purchased a house or a painting of the person’s new house with the year it was “established!”

39. My 39th birthday was one of the last times I went out pre-covid. We went curling with some friends and to a bar. You know, a gift card to go curling would make an amazing gift if you are in the Pittsburgh area! Or, find a curling or ax throwing spot near you!

40. Oh now we’ve come…to the end of the road...number 40! Let’s go with the gift that I actually received for my 40th birthday - a wine fridge! It’s been a nice addition to our dining room and I love having a bottle ready to drink when friends come over! It feels like a very adult gift, am I right!? This eight-bottle option is a bit smaller and can go on a tabletop.

This was fun! It took a little bit more time than I had hoped to put together, but I find it nice to be back blogging! Here’s to more of that in 2022!